How To Create A Stripe Account For Influencers


If you already have a Stripe account click the Sign in button.

You may use your home address unless you have a specific address associated to your social media accounts.

Your type of business should be: Individual, sole proprietor, or single-member LLC unless you have specifically created a legal entity for your social media accounts.

If this is the case you may leave Employee Identification Number (EIN) blank

You may copy and paste the link to your Instagram account for the business website.

Influencers usually choose

Professional Services >

Other Marketing Services

Business description example:

Advertiser brand partnerships to my followers on Instagram.

Most influencers will deliver a post Within 2 weeks

It is okay to use the same address for your home address as you did for business address.

Your company name should be your instagram handle followed by Partnership.


@dustty_roads Partnership