How to Make Use of Mefluence's Tiktok Feature

Through targeting niche consumer sub-markets, influencers have the ability to personalize your brand’s outreach and advertisement approach. That may seem abstract, but immediate results are evident.

  1. Discount/ Promo Code: Providing a Tiktok influencer with a discount/promo code, serves to incentivize their audience to click on product/campaign details. Higher CTR (click-through rates) on influencer’s branded posts, translates to higher product purchases on account of influencer discount codes. This means higher direct returns on investment. Additionally, engagement, measured by URL metric trackers, is likely to show a significant increase, due to community engagement efforts on the part of influencers. The influencer model of marketing is highly effective in creating heightened awareness and interest into your product -- and so into your brand.

  2. Branded Hashtags: Assigning a hashtag onto a Tiktok influencer marketing campaign is a good way to identify the effectiveness of engagement, as well as contribute to your brand’s exposure. Because most industries have realigned towards digital platforms, increasing your brand’s affinity, and social alignment, through the influencer model can prove invaluable to long term customer loyalty. With branded hashtags, Tiktok users also have the means to rally in line with your brand -- from online challenges to promotional campaigns.

While these benefits will no doubt boost your brand, there is one important cost to influencer marketing: Time. Finding quality influencers who will achieve KPI’s (key performance indicators), within your budget can be challenging.

Mefluence is designed to help you save that time. Mefluence’s newly added Tiktok feature already selects these high-reach micro-influencers.

As a micro-influencer marketing platform, we already do the work of providing quality candidates for your brand. With our analytics capabilities, and transparent communication channels, we provide a directory of niche influencers who will ensure your brand will maximize engagement. On account of their concentration in specific markets, these Tiktok micro-influencers have a direct and relevant reach into consumers already interested in your brand, and so will maximize revenue and consumer loyalty, all while coming at a cheaper cost ($100 vs. influencer rate of tens of thousands of dollars) than the typical verified influencer.

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