June 9, 2021 Press Release: Public Campaigns

Mefluence’s updated public campaigns feature now allows brands to create an open call campaign, which influencers can apply to directly. With Mefluence’s templates for public campaigns, and the database of authentic, micro-mefluencers, brands can now streamline their advertising and marketing efforts by allowing creators to connect with them directly.

Public campaigns eliminate the time consuming influencer search and send influencers that align with your brand! All without any upfront costs.

So how can you create a public campaign?

1. Download the app, and create an account.

2. Once your account is created, click on the campaigns tab and create a normal campaign. You will have the opportunity to switch to public at the end.

3. Fill in your campaign details. Let us know if you’d like some help.

4. Create an open-call to public influencers. You can also choose to invite influencers that have already caught your eye.

5. Once you post publicly, you have successfully launched your new public campaign!

It's really that simple. Download the app here, or on the apple app store.