Linking Your Instagram Account to Facebook for Mefluence

Facebook requires your Instagram account to be linked to a Facebook account and a Facebook page for third party apps, such as Mefluence, to access your account information. The following is a guide on how to link you “professional” Instagram account to a Facebook account and Facebook page.


1. Linking Your Instagram Account to a Facebook Account

If your Instagram account is already linked to a Facebook account, you can skip to step 2, “Linking Your Account to a Facebook Page”. To link your Instagram account to a Facbook account, tap the ≡ icon in the top right of you profile homepage. From there, go to Settings -> FACEBOOK Accounts Center -> Accounts and Profiles -> Add Accounts.

From here, you will be prompted to either login to a Facebook account, or select a Facebook account that you are already logged into. After logging into Facebook, your accounts are now linked.


2. Linking Your Instagram Account to a Facebook Page

The final step before your Instagram is ready to be used with a Mefluence is to connect your profile to a Facebook page. To do this, go to your Instagram’s profile page and tap the “Edit Profile” button beneath your bio. From there, tap “Page”, and then follow the prompts to either create a new page, or link your account to an existing one. Once your account is linked to a Facebook Page, you are ready to create you Mefluence account.


There you go! We appreciate you being on Mefluence - look out for jobs from brands around the world!