Understanding how you can use the Tiktok algorithm

The Tiktok algorithm operates on the sound selections that visual content is paired with, meaning that the popularity of tiktoks is more based on this intersection of audio and video. So, circulation of videos ends up being quite a reflection of quality content that resonates with a larger audience, and is so reproduced. Because of this, Tiktok is an app that lends itself to the thriving of the micro-influencer. Unlike the individualistic planned aesthetics of Instagram, on Tiktok, follower counts don’t matter. Tiktok is an app meant for collective attention. Engagement indicators tend to skew towards reshares and saves, rather than likes or repeated comments.

For brands, Tiktok presents a wealth of these micro-influencers, who are willing to work on campaigns with an authentic, and value driven philosophy. Brands that have recognized this high quality, and authentic micro-influencer base have done incredibly well in boosting their sales, across platforms, and across business quarters.

1. Dunkin Donuts launched a Tiktok influencer inspired drink: “The Charli”, after Charli D'amelio, and immediately saw its results. Within the first 5 days of the collaboration’s launch, Dunkin sold up to 100,000 drinks, and saw a 57% increase in daily app downloads, according to Drayton Martin, VP of Dunkin Donuts brand stewardship.

2. In 2019, Gymshark launched their 66 Days: Change Your Life Challenge, where they engaged with the fitness community on the app, and promoted Gymshark athletic wear. Their grassroots marketing efforts paid off, and now the brand boasts a collective of “Gymshark athletes” -- brand ambassadors for their clothing lines. Utilizing Tiktok channels gave Gymshark access to micro and nano-influencers whose lifestyle has direct influence power on consumers.

3. Target X Vera Bradley collaboration: By tapping into the younger generation of Tiktok users, Target was able to work with influencer Victoria Bachlet to create a successful #backtoschool campaign, featuring Target’s self-care products. The nature of the videos -- although labelled as ads -- did lend themselves towards authentic endorsement content, and so directly increased awareness of Target self-care lines.

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