Why partner with micro-influencers over typical influencers?

Image by gonzo marketing

Influencer marketing is a collaboration between businesses and influencers - an influencer (a person with large amount of followers on social media) posts about businesses to help them gain new traction among the followers.

Its power comes from the proximity. Let's say you are a business that sells workout clothes:

  • User A sees an ad about your tank top.

  • User B sees his favorite person post a story about how good your tank top is.

User B feels "closer" to the business, as an actual person that he follows is endorsing the product. In fact, many businesses are switching to influencer marketing over traditional ad marketing to increase brand awareness, build an audience, and drive sales (e.g. Curology, Lululemon, etc).


However, there is one major flaw with influencer marketing.


An influencer can charge you upwards of $5K - $10K per post. Yes, the post will help you. But you may not be ready to invest such a large amount on marketing, let alone on one influencer.

This is where Mefluence comes in. Our focus is on micro-influencers:

  • Micro-influencers have less followers than influencers (around 1K-10K vs 50K+)

  • However, micro-influencers have a niche field of interest.

  • This means that their focus is posting about, say, fitness, and their followers are concentrated with fitness enthusiasts.

You pay lower amount ($5-$100) to reach 1K-10K people who are already into the field that your business is in. This is much more worth compared to if you were to pay $5K to reach 50K people who are diluted with various fields.

With Mefluence, you can create campaign contracts, find micro-influencers, and communicate with them - all for free. We don't charge you a cent, even if you want to partner with 10, 20, or even 100 micro-influencers.

In fact, we encourage you to partner with more micro-influencers. We have built our communication tool to be very streamlined - meaning all the process is automated and you don't need to check 10, 20, or 100 messages per campaign.

  • There is no nitty gritty negotiation - the micro-influencers have set their price based on our recommendation. You can also check their statistics to see who you are paying for.

  • The chatroom has a chatbot and will only notify you with posts that the micro-influencers have posted.

As seen, there are no complex DM's and dialogues. You simply create a contract once and the rest is streamlined. Mefluence even has a live, detailed statistics page so that you can check the result of your micro-influencers at any time.


If you are a business thinking about scaling and finding new audience, come try Mefluence - if you want to see the full details, please take a look at our "How It Works" page or feel free to shoot us a message here.